How Roofing Evolved Over Time

Understanding Roofing

Mankind has come a long way from simple mud huts and roofs to some of the most sophisticated roofing designs imaginable and there seems to be no end in sight. The advancement created by technology in its many forms has brought about a more secure structure and beautiful homes. Time for a quick journey as we visit the past and move to our present day.

Mud huts were the norm many millennia ago and are still in use in some places where the people can’t afford to buy materials to build anything else. It may seem a simple thing but back then a lot of ingenuity went into making roofs out of dirt and all types of vegetation. The structures often suffered when huge amounts of rain fell, but apart from such acts of nature, these roofs held firm. The sun would harden the mud until it took an almost rock hard consistency. To avoid the harsh weather and constant need for repair roofing became more complex as did housing structures.

How It Evovled

The use of fabrics was another solution that came into play as this material was used for tents for those who constantly traveled. Some stationery structures would be erected with similar fabrics as a way to keep water out, you can still find structures like these today, though more modern in look and composition.

The introduction of steel and other metals brought the galvanized roof and other types like the shingles and clay roofs. Since such materials were now available, the roofing industry has improved on these materials to produce long-lasting protection and comfort.

This may just be a summary of thousands of years of development and improvement. Yet what happened in a general sense, the very earth that was used to make mud huts is now producing the same metals that are made into what we see today. It means that such materials were always available; it was a man who wasn’t ready to make it a possibility. We can be sure if life lasts that down the road something new may appear that is better than what we currently have.

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