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Need a new flat roof or flat roof repairs in London?

We repair leaking flat roofs, rubberbond EPDM flat roofs, GRP fibreglass flat roofs, leaking felt flat roofs, replace any broken slate or tiles, repairs to lead flashings and any emergency roof repairs in London, Call us for a free quote today.

For Felt Flat Roof Repairs, Felt Flat Roofing Repairs and Felt Flat Roof Replacements call us today, We have the best Felt Flat Roof Repair professionals in the industry.

Is your felt flat roof leaking or in need of complete replacement felt flat roof ? Need a reliable felt flat roofer? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are a specialist felt flat roof repair company in London that can carry out felt flat roof repairs, recovery and replacement. All of our clients receive a consistently high level of service and workmanship by directly employed, skilled roofers. We are proud members of Checkatrade and pride ourselves on our quality Felt Flat Roof Repair Service and we also have a Rapid Response Team waiting to deal with any emergency flat roof repairs


As fully trained  mastic asphalt installers (as well as a  felt flat roofers) we can usually attend to all aspects of mastic asphalt flat roofing repairs.
Usually traditional wooden fascia surrounding a flat roof will perish along with the felt flat roof itself. It is quite simple and not over expensive to fit new fascia as the roofing work is being completed.
Until recently a lot of felt roofs were installed upon a chipboard base. Unfortunately when chipboard becomes damp either through condensation created above humid kitchen areas, or via a minor leak it deteriorates very quickly and has to be replaced. Today we only use top grade plywood above any kitchen and living areas. (10 year Guarantee)

We would also recommend an annual inspection if you have noted any of the following conditions: roof surface problems such as blisters or bubbles, worn surfaces, open seams, visible cracks, ruptures or other holes, and loose surfaces or fasteners.

For all your Felt Flat Roof Repairs & Felt Flat Roof Replacement Call us Now Free from any BT landline on
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Slate roofs can occasionally become loose, worn-out, or broken through natural wear and tear. Tiled roofs are susceptible to the same problems, which can lead to water invading the roof, causing damp and even pooling water in the roof space. If it’s happened to you – don’t worry!

We specialise in slate and tiled roofing, and we’ll can take care of all sorts of roof repairs, right across Surrey. You can trust in our skilled roofers to provide a superb finish, restoring your roof to its former glory.

Our pitched slate & tiled roofs will be installed using the most up to date roofing materials and methods of installation, to the highest roofing standards and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Get in touch and speak to our roofers today.


If a larger job is required e.g the entire roof needs stripping back due to damaged underlying structural timbers or updating with a breathable membrane, we have the know-how and years of experience, our main specialities are of Damp, Timber and Basement work.
Replacing the roof on any property is a large undertaking, and we make sure the process is worry-free, from quote to completion. Every quote is set in stone. So you know exactly what the price is, and we never vary it, not even by a penny, so you can be certain that there will be no unexpected or hidden costs involved in your roof replacement.

Our Mission is Quality service for all of your Flat Roof Repair needs. When you need a dependable, on-time quality roofing contractor, you can depend on us.

When you need a roofing expert, one with over 25 year’s experience, call us for all your flat roof repairs or flat roof leak repairs . We specialize in flat roof repairs, GRP fibreglass flat roofs, Rubberbond EPDM flat roofs and traditional mineral green felt flat roofs.

For years, our roofing professionals have provided the best roofing services to do the job correctly the first time. We have made it our goal to treat you with the utmost respect and to provide you with great customer service.

We can repair any leaking flat roof and even repair pitched roofs or replace any missing or broken slate or clay tiles. We ensure whilst working on any new flat roofing project that involves stripping the old roof coverings that your property is kept water tight at all times.

We offer a complete, one-stop-shop flat roofing package for all your Flat Roof  Repair requirements, we use only the highest quality materials and use the proper installation methods specified by the manufacturers.

For Flat Roof Repairs Call us Now Free from any BT landline on  07436 809 295

We repair leaking flat roofs, rubberbond EPDM flat roofs, GRP fibreglass flat roofs, leaking felt flat roofs, replace any broken slate or tiles, repairs to lead flashings and any emergency roof repairs in Hampshire and Dorset, Call us for a free quote today.

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