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We are approved contractors at London Flat Roofings for ‘RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM’ roofing systems, this product has a unique polyester fleece backing, which provides superior puncture and tear resistance that is not affected by extremes of temperature. RubberBond™single-ply rubber roofing is not degraded by ultra violet or ozone, it will not tear, split or crack, does not become brittle with age, and is moss and fungus resistant.

If you have a flat roof which is in need of repair, or are thinking about a new one, you may be aware of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber). This rubber roofing sheet is manufactured from ethylene, propylene and diene, the ‘M’ denotes monomer, the grade of rubber which the material comes under in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) classification codes. This unique rubber roofing material contains elements which are essential to providing an effective protective barrier in roofing materials.

Rubberbond EPDM has been proven over 50 years to be one of the most effective types of roofing protection. It is efficient, cost effective and lasts for many years. One important benefit of the rubber membrane is that it does not require any heat or flames during installation which means that it is safer for the installer and the property owner.

The larger membrane sizes which are a feature of EPDM membranes means that you do not experience the amount of joins that are a factor in traditional felt roofing systems. This prevents the possibility of leaks or weaknesses appearing in the roofing membrane where traditionally the overlapped seams would become brittle with age and become the first weak point which allows water penetration. With EPDM roofing membranes where joints do occur, these are not considered a weak point with the system as they expand and contract at the same rate as the membrane and are in fact tested and proven to be as strong as the membrane itself.

RubberBondTM flat roofing guaranteed for 20 years, lasts for longer.

RubberBondTM is installed, solely by authorised roofing contractors, who are responsible for the integrity and performance of the finished roof.

Where stated a RubberBondTM contractor will issue a 20 year guarantee.

The company HEREBY GUARANTEES THE INSTALLATION OF THE RubberBondTM EPDM ROOFING SYSTEM for a period of TWENTY YEARS to prevent the ingress of rain or snow subject to the following exclusions:

  1. Storm damage such as falling roof tiles, trees etc.
  2. Damage caused by lightning, fire, hurricanes or earthquake.
  3. Deliberate or accidental damage.
  4. Defects in adjoining areas such as defective tiles and coping stones, pointing, porous brickwork or render.
  5. Deficiencies or movement in the building structure.
  6. Damage caused by the leakage of fuels or oils.
  7. Any claims under this guarantee that are found not to be the RubberBond™ EPDM membrane or the labour relating to it are chargeable as an inspection fee.

This guarantee is valid when signed by the contractor and full payment has been received.


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When you need a roofing expert, one with over 25 year’s experience, call Chiswick W4 Rubberbond EPDM Flat Roofing Services for all your pitched roof repairs or flat roof  leak repairs . We specialize in GRP fibreglass, Rubberbond EPDM and traditional mineral green felt flat roofing.

For years, our roofing professionals have provided the best roofing services to the whole of London to do the job correctly the first time. We have made it our goal to treat you with the utmost respect and to provide you with great customer service.

We can supply and fit almost any new pitched roof or even repair or replace any missing or broken slate or clay tiles. We ensure whilst working on any new re-roofing project that involves stripping the old roof coverings that your property is kept water tight at all times.

We offer a complete, one-stop-shop roofing package for all your London Flat Roofing Service requirements, our roofers are able to repair or re-point any chimney lead flashings or re-new any new PVC guttering, fascias and soffits – we use only the highest quality materials and use the proper installation methods specified by the manufacturers. London Flat Roofing Services also offer an Emergency Roof Repairs service with a rapid response for any roofing emergency.

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